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Prime Minister Incharge for Law,Justice & Human Rights
Mr.Muhammad Nawaz Sharif
Minister’s Message
Adherence to Human Rights is an obligation for any responsible State. Pakistan has ratified several Human Rights treaties and it has an obligation to implement the same throughout its territories including Provinces. The Ministry is dedicated towards capacity building of the Government machinery to fulfill their obligations under International Law Instruments and also function in accordance with the Constitution and fundamental rights mentioned therein. In this regard the Ministry plans to strengthen its linkages with the Provincial Governments, Media, Civil Society Organizations and other stakeholders.
Secretary’s Message
In order to achieve this objective in Pakistan, it is imperative to reach out to the common people particularly the vulnerable sections of the society. In this context, that is for ensuring better protection of fundamental rights of the public of Pakistan, the latest development of hosting of website of Ministry of Human Rights is expected to be welcomed by the International Human Rights organizations, Civil Society, NGOs and other departments in private and public
The Secretary of Law,Justice & Human Rights
Mr.Justice (R) Muhammad Raza Khan

Mrs. Khawar Mumtaz has been appointed as Chairperson of National Commission on the Status of Women under section 4(5) of the NCSW Act 2012(Act VIII of 2012). Members of the Commission have also been appointed. For details following website of the Commission may be visited.


National Commission on Human Rights Act ,2012,has been promulgated, Chairperson and the Members yet to be appointed.
Two-day consultations on National Human Rights Policy Framework and National Human Rights Defenders Mechanisum in Pakistan held on 24th and 25th April,2013 respectively in Islamabad Hotel.
Pakistan won the second term membership of United Nations Human Rights Council for 2012-15. . Pakistan has been elected second time as member of the United Nations, Human Rights Council (UNHRC) by securing 171 out of 193 votes.

    Pakistan Women Day- 12th February  
    International Working Women Day-8th March  
    International Day of Girl Child-11th October  
    Malala Day-10th November  
    Universal Children Day-20th November  
  16 Days of Activism(28th Nov-10th Dec)
The Federal Government of Pakistan established, the full fledge, Ministry of Human Rights in November 2008. While the announcement of the creation of National Human Rights Commission was made in 1993, in the tenure of the caretaker Government, need was felt for establishment of a Human Rights Cell. This cell established in December 1993, Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed, the former Prime Minister for Pakistan and an ardent advocate for democracy and for the human rights of the most vulnerable sections of society, particularly women, children and minority rights, upgraded this Human Rights Cell to the status of an independent Ministry in November 1995. However in December 1996, due to serious financial crisis in the country, the Ministry was degraded to Human Rights Wing which was attached to the Ministry of Law and Justice making it the Ministry of Law, Justice and Human Rights. The same wing was upgraded to the level of a Division in November 2007 and then to the current Ministry of Human Rights.

In the very first year of its infancy stage, while gaining energy and learning to fly on lesser powerful wings, the Ministry has so far paved its way enough to establish trust among the international NGOs and donors including UNDP, The Asia Foundation and UNICEF. With the appreciated and anticipated support, the Ministry looks forward to converting its vision into reality.

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