Dr. Shireen M Mazari

Minister for Human Rights

Dr Shireen M Mazari was PTI MNA during 2013- May 2018 National Assembly session.

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Secretary, Ministry of Human Rights

Ms. Rabiya Javeri Agha (BPS-22) is one of the senior most female officers of the Pakistan Administrative Service, Government of Pakistan.

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An Independent Human Rights Commission headed by Justice(R) Durab Patel, was established in 1993. After the election in 1993, The Human Rights Commission was converted into a cell in the Ministry of Interior to deal with Human Rights.



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MoHR Press Release 17-12-2018 Islamabad: High Commissioner of Canada, Ms Wendy Gilmour has called on Federal Minister for Human Rights Dr Shireen Mazari here in Islamabad on Monday. They discussed the various issues related to the protection and promotion of human rights in detail. Canadian High Commissioner appreciated the endeavours of the incumbent government especially the human rights ministry for the protection of human rights in the country.

MoHR Press Release 13-12-2018 Islamabad: Human Rights Minister Dr Shireen M Mazari has said that in wake of the UN Report on human rights violations in Indian Occupied Kashmir, the long standing issue of Kashmir has once again come at the centre stage adding that we need to move forward beyond rhetoric and take concrete steps for the solution of Kashmir issue. She said Ministry of human Rights is going to invite High Commissioner for Human Rights at The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to come and visit adding that Pakistan should have allowed a committee to visit the Pakistani side of Kashmir. She expressed these views while delivering a key note at a Public Hearing on “Internationalizing Human Rights Violations in Indian Occupied Kashmir and struggle for Self-Determination of the Kashmiri People” organised by Senate Foreign Affairs Committee here in Islamabad on Thursday. The event was also addressed by Chairman Committee, Mushaid Hussain sayyed and Nasim Zahra, a senior Journalist. Chairman, Senate Foreign Affairs Committee while appreciating the efforts of Human Rights Minister has said that Dr Mazari has showed her commitment and vision for highlighting the Kashmir Issue not only here but also on International level adding that Human Rights Ministry is doing well for protection of human rights particularly the vulnerable segments of the society including women and children. Addressing the event, Dr Mazari She said generations after generations have been sacrificing their lives to keep the Kashmir issue alive for the attainment of plebiscite which lies at the centre of UNSC resolutions. She said we have not publicised issue of worst Human rights abuses in IOK. She said that in line with the United Nations Human Rights Council’s Report, we should demand to establish an inquiry commission. She said we should move to Human Rights Council to have investigative commission to investigate human rights abuses and violations in IOK. Dr Mazari underlined the principles of Good Friday Agreement based on self determination for solution of Kashmir issue. She said Pakistan should move forward to UN and present conflict resolution model and push India on defensive. Dr Shireen Mazari said documentation of Kashmiris should be done as Indian government trying to change the demography of IOK which will change the whole concept of plebiscite. She said we need to demand referendum committee which should identify the geographical territory of disputed area. “Indian forces as a weapon of war systematically raped women in IOK, world should stop such human rights abuses in Indian Occupied Kashmir”, she added. We need to remind the world that even after 9/11, struggle of self determination in Kashmir still exits and referred Almati Decleration which was adopted by both Pakistan and India. She said legitimacy of Pakistan’s position to the party in Kashmir issue is lying at the centre of UNSCs resolutions. She said we need to move forward and should focus on women and conflict areas and to bring attention of world on human rights abuses in IOK. She said Pakistan from decades has failed to highlight human rights abuses in IOK. Senator Farhat ullah Babar, Senator Rehman Malik, Senator Shiree Rehman, Dr Asif Kirmani, Senator Javed Abbasi and the Kashmiri Diaspora also attended the Public Hearing.

MoHR Press Release 12-12-2018 Islamabad Dr Shireen Mazari expressed surprise at the US Administration’s decision to add Pakistan to the “blacklist for religious freedom violations”. She said it was apparent the US was using this as a brazen political tactic to pressure Pakistan to mitigate US failures in Afghanistan. The timing of this move reflects this most clearly. Dr Mazari stated that there is no doubt Pakistan’s record on religious freedom is not ideal but then is the EU’s record much better given the restrictions on churches, the banning of certain dress codes of Muslims, refusal of entry of certain preachers – the list continues. In our own neighbourhood we have India where Muslims are being targeted and where the BJP is supporting violence against Muslims ostensibly over “beef”. The timing of the US move smacks of pure political blackmailing because it comes in the wake of Pakistan opening the Kartharpur corridor to ease access for the Sikhs of India to their religious places as well as assisting Hindu groups to enter Pakistan for religious purposes when India has sought to prevent Muslims from Pakistan visiting Ajmer for religious purposes. The deliberate ignoring of India’s shrinking space for its religious minorities by the US while it targets Pakistan is absurd and unacceptable. In case the US is ignorant about the large and diverse presence of Christian churches in Pakistan, the Human Rights Minister said she would like to educate the Trump Administration on this count. At the moment the following diverse denominations of Christian churches are present in Pakistan: Catholic, Methodist, Anglican, Lutheran, Baptist, Presbyterian, Pentecostal (3 separate groups under this church), Evangelical, Renewalist, Salvation Army and then as a separate entity Church of Pakistan directly linked to Archbishop of Canterbury. Additionally, Dr Mazari reminded that Pakistan has moved to allow its non-Muslim citizens there own personal laws of marriage and divorce in keeping with their religious strictures. In conclusion, Dr Mazari stated while we have to move forward to further improve the condition of all our citizens including our religious minorities and other vulnerable groups, the US’s move is not based on any facts but is a purely political move in an attempt to pressure on Pakistan to do its bidding. Perhaps President Trump needs to be reminded of Prime Minister’s pledge to the Pakistani nation that Pakistan will only act in its own interests and not be a “hired gun” for any other power. It is time for the US to take responsibility for its failures in Afghanistan so that it can do a course correction. And, if it is serious about religious freedoms then it needs to examine therecord of Modi’s India and some of its EU allies that are moving to curtail the religious freedoms of its Muslim citizens.

MoHR Press Release 08-12-2018 Islamabad: Human Rights Minister Dr Shireen Mazari has said in wake of UN Report on Kashmir, previous Governments of Pakistan had failed to act proactively on Kashmir issue. She said it is unfortunate that successive Governments had failed to work on practical solution of Kashmir dispute adding that it is time to present a blue print for conflict resolution premised upon the principle of self-determination and plebiscite. She was addressing at the International Conference on “UN Report on Human Rights Violations in Indian Occupied Kashmir: Demographic Changes and Societal Implications” organized by a Think Tabk, Pak House here in Islamabad on Saturday. Addressing the event, Dr Shireen Mazari condemned worst Human Rights violations and brutalities in IOK by India. She said we must avoid to pay lip service to UNSC’s resolutions-the time has come to move beyond rhetoric for support of Kashmiris and take concrete steps for solution of longstanding Kashmir dispute. Shireen Mazari said UN Report about Indian atrocities in IOK has once again highlighted the Kashmir issue at International level. ‘During preparation of UN report, Pakistan should have sent its team there to guide UN team about Indian brutalities in IOK’, she added. Human Rights Minister said we should provide access to UN team In AJK so that they could be aware about the difference in AJK and IOK, she added. She criticized previous governments for not raising the Kashmir issue in letter and spirit. Dr Mazari said we should follow on the demand of establishing an independent Inquiry Commission to investigate gross Human Rights violations in IOK by Indian occupation forces. She said India is attempting to change Kashmir s demography and genocide in Indian Occupied Kashmir is done to suppress the Kashmir voices. Speaking at the occasion, Dr Shireen Mazari presented a concrete proposal aimed at taking Kashmir issue to the world and said that Pakistan’s legitimacy in Kashmir conflict is based on UN resolutions, so we should not deviate from it adding that India had itself took Kashmir issue to UN. She said we need to take on the world for resolution of Kashmir dispute and stressed on UN resolution implementation on Kashmir issue and we should keep reiterating implementing UN resolutions. She said Pakistan should demand International investigation in IOK as UN report does. Dr Mazari said OHCHR’s report on Kashmir came out earlier this year and we had failed to move proactively on it. She said we need to draw attention of International community about Human Rights abuses particularly against women by India in IOK. She further stated that we should continue emphasizing on implementation of UN report. Dr Mazari suggested in Conflict Resolution Model that Pakistan should propose a solution of Kashmir issue resembling Irish Peace Accord and on lines of East Timor independence based on concept of self determination. Kashmiris in IOK including the Kashmiri Diaspora across the world should be documented, she added. The conference was also addressed by AJK President, Sardar Masood Khan, Ms Janne Teller, Lt Gen Retd. Khalid Rabbani, Ms Marjan Lucas, Ali Raza Syed, Syed Abdullah Geelani, Dr Nazir Gillani, Afzal Khan and DG Pakistan House, Rana Athar Javed.

MoHR Press Release 07-12-2018Islamabad: Federal Minister for Human Rights Dr. Shireen Mazari has said we are committed to protect the rights of our citizens adding that besides implementation of laws we need to change the societal mindset and that comes with awareness. She said our ministry also working on creating awareness about the laws especially for the people who are differently abled, when we would be able to create awareness and change the mindset of society then we can move forward substantively. She was addressing the seminar on “Harassment faced by women with disabilities in Pakistan” in Islamabad on Friday. Besides, Executive director UN Women, Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, Neil Buhne Resident Coordinator of UNDP in Pakistan and people with disabilities were also present on the occasion. Addressing the event, Dr Mazari said the issue of harassment faced by women with disabilities is global issue. She said the state of Pakistan does not discriminate but the actual discrimination comes from level of family and society. She said our laws provide equal access to women and we need to tackle the real issue on priority which the women have been facing especially with disabilities at the level of society and families. If women suffered that impacts whole family, she added. While talking about women rights, Dr Mazari said women actually suffered a lot, if women suffered from disability then whole the family have to face the consequences and its impact. She said women should give central importance in any work we do to mainstream the people who are differently abled. She said women have to be stronger to deal with any discrimination adding that women have been facing discrimination at so many levels of society whether disable or not, they have to fight their way into mainstreaming. She said in Pakistan, state does not restricts women but family structures and society creates impediments in their way to mainstreaming and success. Dr Mazari said we are working on devising new legislation and Bill to protect the rights of people with disabilities have been approved by cabinet and will be tabled in parliament in next session. She said we have made comprehensive bill adding that it should have done this many years ago. Dr Mazari said Constitution of Pakistan guarantees the rights of our citizens without any discrimination. So it is the responsibility of state to ensure the equal rights and it is part of duty to provide equal rights to all citizens. Dr Mazari said as we have signed seven international conventions including the people with disability and we are party to that and we are putting all our endeavours to ensure all provisions through legislation. She in this regard said we are not only making legislation but also putting all out efforts to ensure the implementation of these laws. Shireen Mazari further stated Pakistan is over legislated country and the main issue is the implementation of these laws and incumbent government especially the human rights ministry focussing on the implementation of already existing laws. She said the new bill regarding the rights of people with disabilities will be implemented as soon it is passed through parliamentary process. This bill focuses the rights of people with disabilities in general and women, child and transgender in particular. She said we are committed to protect the rights and preserve the dignity of people with disabilities or otherwise. She further said we have to preserve the dignity of women and gender added that these are vulnerable in our society. Human Rights Minister Dr Mazari said this bill also includes the provision of facilities for people with disabilities at public buildings, hospitals, public transport and other important and professional spaces. She added that bank ATMs should be accessible for people with disabilities especially for visually impaired. She said we are committed to ensure the equal access to educational institutions adding that there is provision in the bill for special educational institutions for the people who are severe disables. Earlier, UN women delegation headed by Dr. Phumzile Mlambo-Ngeuka, Exective Director UN Women has called on the Federal Minister for Human Rights Dr Shireen M Mazari here in Islamabad on Friday. Besides Secretary Human Rights Rabiya Javeri Agha other high officials of the ministry were also present on the occasion. They discussed various human rights issues and matters related to mutual cooperation especially focusing on implementation of existing laws particularly for women empowerment, gender based violence, child abuse and protection of their rights. Both the parties mutually agreed on extending their cooperation and work collectively to protect the basic rights including the rights of women. Minister of Human Rights wishes to strengthen its closer collaboration in this regard. The pivotal points discussed in the meeting were human Rights issues apropos Pakistan with special emphasis on gender equality and women empowerment. The delegation was briefed about the steps and initiatives that were under way to ensure protection of human Rights. The delegation was told about the government s efforts regarding human Rights protection. In this regard an inter-ministerial protocol was being considered which would be a collective effort towards addressing the HR issues by the government. The minister apprised the delegation about the government s resolve and seriousness in addressing HR issues at top priority. She also mentioned that re-formulating the law of inheritance of women to ensure their basic right was part of the government s agenda. She also condemned the Indian atrocities in Indian Occupied Kashmir and urged the international community to come forward and highlight the worst human rights violations in IOK. She also pointed out to the problems that Muslims have to go through in some parts of Europe owing to their religious orientation and ethnicity and said that these issues ought to be brought to the limelight. Executive Director UN Women appreciated the efforts of the incumbent government for their steps for the protection of basic rights of citizens and assured her full support in this regard.


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