Chief Justice of Pakistan advised the Ministry to establish a Helpline in the Ministry for providing legal advice and referral services to the overseas Pakistanis to address victims of human rights violations. The concept was then extended by the Ministry for victims of human rights at national level as well. Accordingly, a PC-1 titled “Establishment of Helpline for Legal Advice on Human Rights Violations” was prepared as per mandate of the Ministry.

Increasing popularity of helpline putting pressure and call follow and organizing work with software in order to keep whole project sustainable by adopting new technologies while keeping project less labor intensive.


  1. To establish a Helpline for addressing the issues of human rights violations through legal advice.
  2. To establish grievance-redressal mechanism through referral services to the victims of human rights violations.
  3. To maintain data-base on human rights violations at national level.
  4. To facilitate and link relevant support services for the victims of human rights violations and their families.
  5. To set up a strong network and coordination mechanism among the concerned stakeholders including law enforcement agencies, service providers, media, CSOs/NGOs,  Law Colleges, Private Law Firms, Bar Associations and other organizations working in the field of Human Rights. 

Contacts  Details

        Toll Free  Number :  1099

        Email :              

        Fax :                            051-9221710



         Address:                    8th Floor, new pak Secretariat (kohsar block) Sector f-5 islamabad