1. Mandate of the Organization


Development of Social Welfare Services and programs has been of prime importance for the National Council of Social Welfare since its inception in 1956. It serves as a bridge between public and private sectors with specialize effects and resources for the welfare of the communities vulnerable segments of the society in collaboration with the NGOs. It is also working for promotion of social justice and eradication of social evils by conducting seminars / workshops / conferences and surveys / research studies.

  • Awareness campaigns on social issues.
  • Promote Public-Private Partnership and provide professional assistance to Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies (VSWAs)
  • Policy formulation on social issues
  • Mobilize Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies in the wake of any disaster


National Council of Social Welfare (NCSW) subscribes to vision of setting up of an egalitarian society free from all sorts of exploitations, based on the principles of equality, tolerance, social justice and the promotion of social / national integration.



  1. Target Groups:-


  • Senior Citizens
  • Khawaja-Saras
  • Women
  • Children
  • Youth
  • Destitute Patients
  • Persons with Disabilities
  • Beggars
  • Drug Addicts
  • Minorities
  • Volunteers
  1. Guidelines to Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies (VSWAs) for:-


                         i.         Registration

                         ii.        Preparation of Projects

                         iii.       Technical Assistance


In order to achieve the goals / targets as per mandate of the NCSW besides the routine Secretariat work, the following activities have been carried out by the NCSW:-


  1. Services:-


  • For promoting volunteerism 500 Institutions / NGOs and other Civil Society Organizations have been given guidelines for registration, preparation of projects.


  • Senior Citizens and Khawaja Saras facilitation desks are facilitating the Senior Citizens and Khawaja Saras to resolve their issues. Senior Citizens and Khawaja Saras visit and also contact NCSW through telephone and applications to resolve their issues.


  1. Conducting of Survey:-


  • A Survey was conducted by the NCSW to evaluate satisfaction level of Citizens living in Panagah established on PM Imran Khan’s initiative to provide shelter to homeless people.
  • Total 134 (02 females and 132 male) respondents were interviewed. During conduct of survey, the brief of feedback is as under:-
  1. 87% dwellers were laborers and 43% illiterate.
  2. The highest number of the respondents belong to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Districts and then from south Punjab.
  3. 91% citizens felt that the centers are established at easily accessible location.
  4. 76% were highly satisfied by this initiative and facilities being provided.
  5. Respondents of age group 25-45 were high at Panahgah.
  6. Most of the people were homeless since 11-30 days.
  7. 84% of the respondents were highly satisfied about the food’s quality.
  8. 92% agreed that they get extra food on demand.
  9. 93% were satisfied with the cleanliness of bed sheets and blankets.
  10. 90% said officials had a very good and respective attitude towards the visitors.


  1. 43% at I-11/4 and 7% at Tramari complained about the non-availability of the Doctor.
  • Another survey is being carried out titled "To Perceive challenges and issues of Minorities and their satisfaction level on welfare policies of the government."


  • Data is being collected through questionnaire by the teams comprising  of officers and officials of the NCSW.


  • 510 questionnaire have been filled so far. After completion of survey data will be processed and a comprehensive report alongwith recommendations will be compiled.


  1. Task assigned to Public Grievances Cell to redress the grievances of the needy persons and forward the news cutting to concerned quarters for  eradication of their problems:- 



    • In order to redress the grievances of needy persons and to eradicate social problems, a public grievances cell has been established in NCSW.
    • On daily basis, News cutting of leading newspapers relating to the public grievances of social issues of ICT are monitored, selected and forwarded to the concerned quarters. So far 220 cases have been forwarded to the concerned departments.
    • This practice has been found helpful to resolve the issues of needy persons and uplift of socially neglected areas of ICT.
  1. Task for Pension Cell to arrange funds and complete cases under Prime Minster Assistance Package for families of deceased employees who died during service:- 


  • Funds arranged through re-appropriation to manage the liability relating to Prime Minister Assistance Package.  Five (5) cases completed and relief granted to the families of the deceased employees of the NCSW.



  1. Work under Dr. Ruth Pfau Library in NCSW:-



  • 5000 books have been entered in accession register and stamping and classification.
  • Fresh rules have been made for use of library facility
  • Spine labeling of 3000 books have been done
  • 1200 books have been entered in Library Software
  • Shelf tagging have been done for easy identification of the books
  • 800 E-Books downloaded from different data base



  1. Conducting of Seminars / Workshops and Trainings:-


149 Seminars / Workshops / Trainings / Awareness Programs have been conducted by NCSW to address the various Social Welfare Issues which have been attended by community leaders, social activists / human rights activists, INGOs, NGOs, Parliamentarians, Government Officials, Doctors, Teachers and Students.


  1. Coverage of the Activities in the Newspapers:-


  • Press Coverage of National Council of Social Welfare Activities have been published in the newspapers as per detail given below:-


  1. Daily Dunya
  2. Daily Dawn
  3. Daily Jinnah
  4. Daily Jahan-e-Pakistan
  5. Daily Asas
  6. Daily Jang
  7. Daily The News
  8. Daily Pakistan Observer
  9. Daily Express
  10. The News
  11. Daily Asian News
  12. Daily Nawa-i-Waqt


  1. Revision of National Policy for Persons with Disabilities 2002:-


  • Initiative taken by the NCSW and initial draft prepared by NCSW. After consultation of all the stakeholders final draft of policy in collaboration with DGSE and NTD has been prepared.
  • The initiatives have been taken by NCSW to revise, the National Social Welfare Policy 19994. The initial meeting was conducted with academia of the heads of social sciences departments of various universities of Islamabad.
  1. Establishment of Volunteer Corps:-


  • NCSW has launched the registration of the volunteers to help the needy persons.


  • 500 Volunteers have been registered with NCSW.


  • 40 volunteers were trained to deal with emergency / disaster situation i.e. fire fighting and how to provide first aid.


  • Follow-up with NDMA for signing of MoU with the NCSW for arrangement of advance level trainings for the volunteers.
  1. Respond on complaints as received on Pakistan Citizens Portal (PCP):-


  • All complaints have been responded as received on PCP.
  • Meetings have been attended as and when called by PMDU PM Office.
  1. Future Plan of NCSW:-


  • Revision of PC-I on "Small Grant To NGOs" to enhance their capacity building and promotion of public-private partnership at gross root level for the following core areas:-


  1. Child Protection
  2. Community based rehabilitation of socially handicapped persons.
  3. Care and Rehabilitation of Senior Citizens and Khawaja Saras and other vulnerable groups of the society.



  • Finalization of survey report titled "To Perceive challenges and issues of Minorities and their satisfaction level on welfare policies of the government."
  • Revision of Social Welfare Policy 1994
  • Preparation of PC-I to construct community centre at G-10 Markaz, Islamabad
  • Preparation of PC-I to impart skill to vulnerable out of school children and achievement of sustainable development goals after consultation with relevant stakeholders.
  • Launching of Official website of NCSW