Ministry of Human Rights launched Young Experts Programme

Ministry of Human Rights has launched the Young Experts Programme across Federal and provincial human rights departments in Pakistan.

This programme is aimed to give passionate young professionals an opportunity to gain human rights specific knowledge, skills and expertise, whilst working with state institutions and independent commissions in Pakistan.

The programme is being launched under the Huqooq-e-Pakistan (European Union Promotion of Human Rights in Pakistan) project, for the capacity development and institutional reform of human rights related state institutions in Pakistan.The Young Experts Programme recruits inspired, talented and dynamic young graduates in the field of human rights through a rigorous and highly competitive selection process.

The first cohort will comprise of 40 Young Experts who will be engaged for a period of 12 months.

Young Experts will learn about Pakistan's legal system, domestic and international human rights obligations, and the processes and procedures of different state institutions and machineries.