Sign language video on Covid-19 developed

In a statement, the ministry said the video aimed to make Covid-19 guidelines accessible to every segment of the population.

The ministry has developed this video in sign language to create awareness amongst those with hearing impairments.

The video is publicly available on official accounts of the Ministry of Human Rights on twitter and Facebook page.

The ministry emphasised that differently abled persons need special care and protection during Covid-19. Earlier, the ministry issued some guidelines for care of differently abled persons during Covid-19.

The guidelines include alternative arrangements for taking care of differently abled person available if a caretaker cannot reach to work or gets sick.

The ministry emphasised that supporting items used by disabled persons like wheelchairs and sticks should be disinfected.

Further, the video describes the precautions that are necessary to follow to stay safe from the pandemic. The video also briefs the hearing-impaired persons about the symptoms and advices them to inform their care givers in case they have fever, cough and problems in breathing. The objective is to make COVID19 information and guidelines accessible to every segment of the society.


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