People asked not to Stigmatise Covid-19 Victims

To guide people on how to deal with psychological problems caused by the situation created because of COVID-19, the Ministry of Human Rights has issued guidelines for public awareness around the issue.

Shared on different platforms on 17th of April 2020, the guidelines focus on the social behaviours that can lead to decreasing anxiety and stress caused by the current situation related to COVID-19. The guidelines encourage people to take care of people around them especially those who are more vulnerable to depression, anxiety or other mental illnesses besides advising them to avoid spread of fake news and always verify the source as fake news are a major source of panic.

Another advice is not to attach stigma to people who are suffering from Coronavirus or attach any race, ethnicity or religion with the virus. The guidelines also urge general public to refrain from gossiping or believing in any gossip without verification. In case anyone believes that their relative, friend or any loved one is suffering from any psychological illness or any form of abuse, they can call the Ministry of Human Rights’ helpline of 1099.


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