Pakistan wants united stance on Kashmir, Palestine

Pakistan on Tuesday urged the Muslim world to adopt a united stance on the long-standing issues of Palestine and Kashmir.

Addressing an international webinar in the capital Islamabad, Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari urged the Muslim world to shed its dependence on the West and adopt a united stance on critical issues like Kashmir and Palestine in order to emerge as a respected global force.

Recently, she observed, some vocal statements had come from the Arab countries on social and conventional media regarding the treatment of Muslims in India and the Kashmir issue, which was a good sign.

The webinar, organized by Islamabad-based think tank Institute of Policy Studies (IPS), was also attended by British House of Lords Member Lord Nazir Ahmed, British MP Khalid Mehmood, Member of Turkish Prime Minister’s Advisory Board for Human Rights Dr Hamit Ersoy, Vice President to Egyptian National Constitutional Committee Dr. Kamal Helbawi, Istanbul University professor Dr. Halil Tokar, and Qatar University professor Farhan Mujahid Chak.


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