Secretary's Message on the occasion of International Human Rights Day 2016


Message from
Secretary, Ministry of Human Rights
on the occasion of
International Human Rights Day
(10th December, 2016)
  It is heartening to note that Pakistan joins the international community in celebration of International Human Rights Day, today with a firm commitment to accord high priority to safeguard the Human Rights. Protection of Human Rights is guided by the Islamic injunctions and the Constitution of Pakistan. Islam enjoins upon us the sacred task of upholding the dignity and protection of human beings.  
Safeguarding human rights and fundamental freedoms is an essential and integral part of all democratic and progressive societies. Globally, the international image and repute of countries is being increasingly associated with the state of their human rights. Government of Pakistan attaches high priority to promotion and protection of human rights of all the citizens as guaranteed by the Constitution and in accordance with our religious ethos; national and international obligations. As a party to the core international human rights conventions, Pakistan has undertaken commitments to uphold the universal human rights standards and to implement them at the national level.
Government of Pakistan is mindful of the fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution of Pakistan and trying to translate these principles into legislation with institutional mechanisms for protection and promotion of human rights.Considering the present need for protection and promotion of human rights, Ministry Human Rights led a time bound inter-ministerial process with representation of all stakeholders, including provincial governments, to draft an action plan to improve the human rights situation in Pakistan which was approved by the Honorable Prime Minister in February, 2016.
Action Plan focuses on enacting appropriate laws giving effect to Pakistan’s international human rights obligations, amending and bringing the PPC and CRPC in line with current human rights thought and Pakistan’s international obligations, modernizing the school, college and law degree curricula to include human rights concepts and improving the training and SOPs of the police, prison staff and lower and mid-level judiciary in order to create an environment which is human rights friendly for its citizens.
Since, the task of Human Rights is crosscutting in its nature which requires partnership between public agencies & civil society; therefore, I request the NGOs, volunteers, philanthropists, national & international development partners, media and corporate sector to come forward and play a significant role to ameliorate human rights situation which is our national duty.
I also appreciate the UN agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations and Media for their endeavors in supplementing the Government’s efforts to create conducive environment for our people. I hope they will continue pursuing this noble cause with the same spirit.
                 May Allah bless us in this important mission-Aameen.