(As amended up to 25th October, 2016)
  1. Review of human rights situation in the country including implementation of laws, policies and measures.
  2. Coordination of activities of Ministries, Divisions and Provincial Governments in respect of human rights.
  3. Initiatives for harmonization of legislation, regulations and practices with the international human rights covenants and agreements to which Pakistan is a party and monitoring their implementation.
  4. Obtaining information, documents and reports, on complaints and allegations of human rights violations, from Ministries, Divisions, Provincial Governments and other agencies.
  5. Refer and recommend investigations and inquiries in respect of any incident of violation of human rights.
  6. Pursuing or defending issues, complaints, representations and matters for and against Pakistan relating to human rights before any official or non- Governmental organizations, body or forum in Pakistan and, in consultation with Foreign Affairs Division, before any international organization and foreign Government or non-Governmental organization.
  7. Representation of Pakistan in international bodies, organizations and conferences relating to human rights in consultation and conjunction with Foreign Affairs Division.
  8. Developing and conducting information programmes to foster public awareness of human rights, laws and remedies available against the abuse of human rights.
  9. Formulating programmes for teaching of human rights at educational institutions.
  10. Provision of facilities for professional and technical training at national and international level relating to human rights issues.
  11. Administrative control of the Tribunal for disadvantaged persons.
  12. Human rights NGOs
  13. Representing Pakistan at international and bilateral level, involving all gender related matters;
  14. National Commission for Women