Privacy Policy Helpline 1099

Privacy Policy (Helpline 1099)


This page is used to inform visitors about the privacy policy of the Helpline 1099 App regarding the use and disclosure of Personal Information. If you choose to use this app, then you must agree to this privacy policy.


Who is the owner of this application?

The official developer and owner of this App is Ministry of Human Rights, Government of Pakistan.


What data is collected by the App?

The app offers complaint registration for human rights violations. For a better user experience, the app will require you to provide certain personally identifiable information including the Full Name, the CNIC, Gender, Age and Contact Numbers. The private data of citizens is kept completely confidential and is not accessible to any third party organization. The Helpline Directorate at the Ministry of Human Rights will ensure complete confidentiality of Users Data.


What is the legal basis for this data?

The Government of Pakistan under the provisions and laws of the country can hold the information provided by the citizen. The information of the citizens is specifically used for providing them services offered by the app. 


For which specific purpose the data is collected?

The sole purpose of the data collection at this App is to register the users for provision of service delivery based on the nature of complaints. The Helpline 1099 are authorized to view the data and share it with the concerned service delivery departments, if required. 


Which third parties will have the access to the data collected?

The personal data of the citizens will not be used or shared with any third party organization except as described in this Privacy Policy. The app does not have any external widgets to reveal the data to outsiders. 


Security Measures

Ministry of Human Rights is fully cognizant of the sensitivities with regards to personal data protection i.e. collection, processing and storage in compliance with international human rights and data privacy principles. Consequently, suitable shields have been utilized to guarantee that any personal data is secure from obliteration, unapproved access and rupture of secrecy. Several steps have been ensured to safeguard the integrity of our information systems and networks. These measures include security of transmitted information, security checking, reviewing and encryption of data.


What are the rights of the users?

The Personal Information that is collected will be used for providing and improving the efficiency in service delivery by the Government entities. The users have all the rights to view their data or information. Some data is compulsory and some is optional which users can erase. 


  • The users must also refrain from doing what is prohibited and are advised to reach the Helpline support for any concerns.
  • Helpline 1099 App will retain the rights to delete or terminate any users.
  • The citizens has the right to avail one or all the features / benefits provided by the app.
  • The users are restricted from any unwanted and undesirable behaviour or activity on the mobile app.


Policy Revision and Notification of Changes

The Ministry of Human Rights, Government of Pakistan, may amend or update this policy without prior notice. However, we may educate our users about policy changes through a notification on this page containing a version number and date. Data gathered after any progressions will be subjected to the revised privacy policy.


Privacy Policy Effective Date

The privacy policy is enforced with effect from September 01, 2020.


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