National Assembly Standing Committee on Human Rights





  1.  A Committee shall examine a Bill, subject or matter referred to it by the Assembly or the Speaker and shall submit its report to the Assembly or to the Speaker, as the case may be, with such recommendations including suggestions for legislation, if any, as it may deem necessary. In the case of a Bill, the Committee shall also examine whether the Bill violates, disregards or is otherwise not in accordance with the Constitution
  2. The Committee may propose amendments which shall be shown in its report along with original provisions of the Bill: Provided that the Committee shall have no power of preventing the Bill from being considered by the Assembly.
  3. If a Committee does not present its report within the prescribed period, or the time allowed, the Assembly may consider the Bill, subject or matter referred to it, without waiting for the report upon a motion by any member or by the Minister concerned and such Bill, subject or matter shall be treated as withdrawn from the Committee.
  4. A Committee may examine the expenditures, administration, delegated legislation, public petitions and policies of the Ministry concerned and its associated public bodies and may forward its report of findings
  5. Public petitions may be presented on a Bill which has been introduced, or any matter connected with the business pending before the House, or any matter of general public interest which is primarily the concern of the Government, provided that it is not one which falls within the cognizance of a court, nor shall it relate to a matter pending before any court or other authority performing judicial or quasi-judicial functions.
  6. Each Standing Committee shall scrutinize and suggest amendments, if necessary, and recommend Ministry’s Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) for the next financial year before the same is sent to the Ministry of Finance for inclusion in the Federal Budget for the next financial year. Each Ministry shall submit its budgetary proposals relating to the Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) for the next financial year to the relevant Standing Committee not later than the 31st January of preceding financial year and Standing Committee shall make recommendations thereon not later than the 1st March of preceding financial year: Provided that where such recommendations are not made by the 1st March, the same shall be deemed to have been endorsed by the Standing Committee.

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