Dr Shireen Mazari supports idea of Women March

Federal Minister for Human Rights Dr Shireen Mazari on 4th of March 2020 supported the idea of Women March and said that the ministry will stand with every woman who will demand and fight for her rights.

She was speaking at an event organized by the Ministry of Human Rights to celebrated International Women’s Day. “If Maulana Fazalur Rehman considers this his right to hold a sit in for so many days, how could he stop women to exercise the same right,” she asked.

She said that Pakistan will rise again because its women are now at the forefront leading in every sector. He urged women to utilize the laws made for their protection. “Our government is committed to provide rights enshrined in the constitution. Women are not aware of the laws made to protect them. We have to give rights to our women and create awareness among them as well.”

Responding to criticism on her statements against human rights violations in the world especially India instead of Tweeting about the situation in Pakistan, she said that she takes actions on violations of human rights in the country rather than just tweeting about them.

She also appreciated UN Human Rights Chief who moved Indian Supreme Court against citizen laws. “As a human, a Muslim and a part of international community, I will take notice wherever violations of human rights take place in the world and will keep raising voice against them,” she said adding that the priority has always been to protect human rights in the country. She also talked about two important initiatives including Jail Reforms and legislation for the protection of journalists.

In her opening remarks, Federal Secretary for Human Rights, Rabia Javeri Agha outlined the achievements of the Ministry of Human Rights towards bridging the gender gap and moving towards gender equality, as well as outlined future steps and way forward to accelerate sustainable development in Pakistan.

She emphasized that significant progress was being made in terms of reviewing and strengthening laws, rules and regulations affecting the status of women in Pakistan.


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