MoHR issues guidelines for Children’s Health, Online Safety

The Ministry of Human Rights (MoHR) on 8th of May 2020 issued guidelines to create public awareness on the protection of mental and physical health of children and their online safety during COVID-19 lockdown days.

According to guidelines issued on different media forums, parents are advised to engage with children and stay vigilant regarding their online activities. Guidelines recommend parents to help children at home in their studies so that the negative impact of the closure of educational institutions on their education and routine could be minimized.

Parents are also asked to motivate their children for taking precautionary measures such as washing hands for 20 second and social distancing. The adults are also encouraged to self-isolate themselves if they develop any COVID-19 related symptoms to protect other family members, especially children.

The guidelines also advise parents to regularly communicate with children regarding any symptoms related to COVID 19 and take immediate action like seeking medical advice from the doctors if any such symptom is identified. The Ministry says that parents can also contact MoHR’s helpline 1099 in case of any concerns

The guidelines also ask parents to keep an eye on stress-related symptoms in children such as anxiety, lack of sleep, hunger and sadness and contact MoHR’s helpline in case of any physical and psychological problem in the children. It says that children can be victims of secondary effects of coronavirus.

The document says that the closure of schools and playgrounds have led to increased use of the internet among children. “It is important to ensure that your children and family members have access to correct information related to coronavirus besides keeping a check on children’s online activities so that they could be protected from becoming a victim of some online misconduct.”The guidelines also advise parents to encourage their children for keeping in touch with their teachers and friends through phone and video chat.